Don't Dream It, Be It By Silk

"I'm a sweet trans-ves-tite from Transyl-van-ia-aaaaa."

Blair Majors stared incredulously at the vision that stood before him singing and shaking its hips. Was it male or female? And how the hell could he tell?

He glanced nervously at the virginal young girl next to him. What was her name again? Oh, yeah, Janet.

The creature in the black leather corset winked at Blair.

"Holy shit!"

Janet rolled her eyes. "Blair! You said a curse word!"

"Dammit, Janet, sometimes a guy just has to-to-well, has to say, What the fuck? You know?"

The heavily made-up figure approached the two of them. "Stranded on the road so late at night?"

"We' to use your phone."

It smiled and licked its crimson red lips. "I-don't-think-so. Introduce me to your friend, sweetcheeks."

Blair started to speak, only to be cut off by a grotesquely long, manicured fingernail in his face. "Not her. I don't want to know who she is. I want to know you, darling boy."

"Uhhh.." Blair pushed his wire-rimmed glasses up his nose. "I'm Blair. Blair Majors."

"Of course you are," the sultry voice drawled. "Why don't I offer you both a room for the night?"

Janet piped up in her delighted little Girl Scout voice and said, "Oh, my goodness, yes. That's so nice of you."

"If there's one thing I'm not, it's sweet, honey girl."

"You both seem drenched from the rain. Perhaps you would like a chance to get out of your wet clothes."

She, or he, as the case may be, was built like a football player. At least six feet tall. Legs that stretched up to her neck. Bright blue eyes peeked from behind black eyeliner so thick it would take a putty knife to scrape it off. Its hair was obviously a wig. But its muscular chest and abdomen were not the least bit fake.

Blair's mouth went dry at the thought of taking off his clothes in this house. It was distinctly creepy. But the transvestite, whatever that was, was mesmerizing in its beauty.

"Um, Janet? What's a transvestite?"

The creature grinned from ear to ear. "Oh, you'll find out. Firsthand."


They were given separate rooms. Blair was at one end of the hall; Janet at the other.

"For propriety's sake, you know," said the transvestite, who turned out to be an alien doctor.

"Alien? Like It, the Terror from Beyond Space? That kind of alien?"

"No, dear boy, I'm from Cascade, Washington. Which might as well be a foreign country, it's so fucking backward."

"Um, if you're so concerned with propriety, how come you're visiting me in the middle of the night? In my bed?"

"The better to fuck you, my sweet." With that, the good doctor removed Blair's pants, shorts, and socks in one fell swoop.

"Heyyy, how'd you do that, man?"

"It's a gift."

"I should warn you. I'm a virgin."

"I knowwww."

When the doctor leaned down to kiss him, however, Blair drew the line. "Hey, hey, come on, this isn't the Junior Prom, you know. No kissing on the mouth."


"And if you plan on fucking me, I want a name."

"Of course, dear boy. I'm Doctor Frank N. Furter. But you can call me Jim."

"How'd you get a nickname like Jim?"

"In Transylvanian, Jim means Hung-like-a-black jaguar."

Blair looked up at him, a sincere smile transforming his entire face. "I think I'm gonna like it here, Jim."

"Only one thing, baby. We've got to get rid of Janet."

"No problem. Just introduce her to that boytoy you whipped up in your lab earlier tonight. What's his name again?"



"Now where were we?"

"Right about here, man." Blair spread his legs and cupped Jim's ass.

"You sure you're a virgin?"

"You sure you're a doctor?"


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