Qui-Gon Jinn paused upon entering the small meditation garden in the east wing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He had intended to use it himself, to meditate on his growing pride and need for his young padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, the garden was already in use by someone he knew quite well.

Jedi Master James Ellison shivered slightly and blinked his eyes open. He had been coming very close to a zone-out, but the sensation of a well-known Force signature entering the space surrounding him had dragged him out of it. With a small smile, he twisted to look over his shoulder and said, "Master Jinn. Fancy meeting you here."

"Jim." The tall, handsome master smiled, his warm blue eyes sparking with pleasure. "How are you doing, my first and finest pupil?"

"First, I'll grant you, Qui," Jim muttered as he got to his feet, stretching the kinks out with a full-body stretch, sighing pleasurably. "Finest, though, is reserved for your current padawan. How is young Kenobi, anyway?"

"Accomplishing many things almost faster than I can keep up with him, though he still needs to fine tune his connection with the Living Force," Qui-Gon replied with a small smile, and sternly ordered himself to tone down his pride.

Jim gave his former master a knowing grin. "And driving you absolutely insane by walking around near naked in your apartment, isn't he?"

Qui-Gon sighed, frustrated. "Yes. There are times I think he does it on purpose, but then, he could not know what an old lecher his master is, or he'd have done something about it by now."

"Jinn, why you don't simply tell him how you feel is beyond me," Ellison muttered, exasperated. "Relationships between Masters and Senior Padawans are allowed. No one would cast aspersions on you for falling in love with him."

"Like you have with young B'lair?" Qui-Gon shot back, and grinned as Jim blushed slightly and rolled his ice blue eyes. "And how is the beautiful young man of Clan Sand di Burg? Still chattering on light years per minute?"

"Yes. His latest wild hair is about the indigenous people of Sinnidor, in the rainforest sector. He is absolutely positive that there is some sort of evolutionary shift occurring, even as we speak, amongst the Zorolene, and it's somehow Force involved."

"Truly? What evidence is there to support this theory?"

"A high concentration of Force-sensitives among the Zorolenes, a sudden birth rate increase, and the babies being born are different from their predecessors. Their DNA composition has altered slightly and the new genetic dominant trait is strength and physical resilience, rather than the lightweight speediness and smallness they have displayed for centuries. You know they are on the verge of being hunted into extinction by the Shezara? Well, B'lair is of the opinion that the Force sensitive Zorolene are somehow subconsciously using the Force to alter the DNA in the embryos of their unborn to produce this new trait. They are literally creating a new breed of Zorolene in order to stay in existence."

Qui-Gon nodded. "I can see that. It's not an unprecedented occurrence, after all."

"True. But it is rare that it has happened, and-"

"Fear not, Jim, if B'lair is as persuasive as he usually is, the Council will be packing the two of you off in no time to go study the effect and do what you can to help," Jinn said, smiling.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Jim moaned, shaking his head. "Do you have any idea how badly it smells out there?"

"Anything like the Hutt bog we went slogging through?"

"Worse than the Hutt bog."

"Worse? That does not bode well for you, my young friend. However, I have faith in your ability to dial it down and faith in B'lair to guide you, as is his duty. How fortunate you were to have found a natural Guide, as well as a student in one person, for your padawan."

"Fortunate. Oh, certainly," Jim snarled sarcastically.

Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow. "Still haven't told him how you feel?"

"How can I? Whenever we are on Coruscant, he immediately has plans to be with any number of young partners, male and female alike. And if it does not break any laws, he is rarely alone on our missions, if he has the opportunity," Jim sighed.

"Jim, Jim, Jim," Qui-Gon muttered, and he draped his arm over his one-time student's shoulders, pulling him close into his side. "He hasn't found anyone steady to settle down with, has he?"


"Then take heart from that. I know he has no religion to speak of that says he cannot be with you unless certain events take place. He has no taboos against being with older people or teachers. Maybe he bides his time for reasons known only to him; he already knows he is the perfect guide for you, Sentinel. Maybe he plans to wait until he has passed his Trials?"

"And maybe he does not want an aging Jedi master and cranky sentinel for his lifemate," Jim snapped back. "There is nothing in either of our genetic make-ups that says we must take each other for a mate in order to function as Sentinel and Guide. We can work as well with a casual bond as we would mated. He has … bigger plans, Qui-Gon. He wants to see the universe; all of it, all of what it has to offer for his insatiable curiosity. He knows I prefer staying at the Temple to teach unless the Council assigns us elsewhere. And he has his pick of young, beautiful partners-"

"And he would be a fool to not realize the privilege of being with you," Jinn murmured, tilting Jim's head up with his fingertips beneath the younger man's chin. "You are even more attractive now than you were twenty years ago, my friend. Your signs of aging have only served to enhance your sexual appeal, not diminish it. You have a strong, graceful face with devastatingly good-looking features; with your hairline receded as it has and kept short, the graceful lines are quite evident and pleasing to look upon. Your body is kept in its usual top efficiency and has been known to make many people - here and all over the known galaxies - sigh with lust and longing. And you, Jim; yourself, the way you are, your goodness, your sense of right and wrong, your compassion for those in need … you are a wonderful man to know. And I know for a fact that you are a virile and pleasing lover."

Ellison flashed his friend a sly grin. "Yes, you do know that very well, don't you?" he murmured, and turned to face the older man.

Smiling, Qui-Gon accepted the offer and leaned down to brush a light, dry kiss across Jim's lips. The two of them stood still for a long, long moment, gradually deepening the kiss. Finally, Qui-Gon pulled back and grinned wolfishly down into fiery blue eyes.

"Not here," he murmured. "Not now."

Jim gave himself a little shake and then smiled ruefully. "Yes, of course. It wouldn't do to charge the atmosphere of a meditation garden with lustful wanting. No one would be able to think of anything but fornicating as soon as possible with whatever's nearby."

"Could cause a problem if a Rodian should abruptly want a Wookie," Qui-Gon agreed blandly.

They laughed and turned to exit the garden together, once more entering the halls of the Temple. Jim barely hesitated as he dialed his senses down. While the Temple was not as rowdy as the Senate building was, his naturally heightened senses were also augmented by his perception of the Force, which let him sense even more than most beings.

"Jim?" Qui-Gon asked quietly.

"Under control, Qui," Ellison replied as quietly.

Qui-Gon nodded, then, going with a sudden idea, he said, "Care to meet me at my quarters tonight? Obi-Wan said something about having an all-night study group and I know your B'lair will be there."

Jim paused to consider, then sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Why not?" he said with a grin. "We can both work off some mutual frustration. What time?"

"How about during the dinner hour? We can share a meal together before moving on to sharing other things."

"Sounds good. I'll see you then, Qui-Gon." Giving a courteous bow, Jim then turned and walked away.

Jinn watched him go, the fabric of his dark brown robe swinging with the motion of his firm, flowing strides, and wished he had a heightened sense of sight so he could watch the barely visible sway of Jim's fine ass with more depth of detail. His former pupil was most definitely a delight to gaze upon.

Sighing, he made his way back to the apartment he shared with Obi-Wan, knowing he no longer had time for the in-depth meditation he'd been planning on. Not if he wanted to prepare dinner and do some quick cleaning before Jim arrived. However, when he got to his apartment, he found the source of his own frustration pacing agitatedly about the living room.

"Obi-Wan? What's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

Blue-gray eyes flashed up to meet his, startled. Then a shrug and a mild grimace was turned on him as his padawan replied, "Nothing's really wrong, Master. Just … irritating."

"Meditation does not help?" Qui-Gon asked as he hung up his robe on a nearby peg.

"Not really. It concerns a friend of mine. B'lair. Master Ellison's padawan."

"Yes, I know B'lair. He is my grand-padawan, of a sort. What about him?"

Obi-Wan caught his lower lip between his teeth; a sure sign of indecisiveness he occasionally displayed that inevitably resulted in Qui-Gon silently chanting a mantra to not throw his student to the ground and ravish him.

"Well," Kenobi eventually said, ignorant of his master's inner focus as he chanted his mantra, "if I tell you this, will you not breathe a word of it to anyone else? It's nothing dangerous or harmful, but I need some advice on how to help B'lair."

"Certainly," Qui-Gon replied at once. Whatever was going on, he wanted to help. He liked Jim's current padawan; the hyperactive chatterbox of a student was definitely good for young Master Ellison.

"Okay," Obi-Wan said, settling down onto the plump, comfortable sofa in the living room, and his master did likewise. "It's like this. B'lair is in a bit of a snit. Well, not snit, exactly, but he's definitely upset."

"For stars' sake, would you just say it, Obi-Wan? What's wrong?"

"B'lair is in love with his master," Kenobi blurted out. "But he can't seem to get Master Jim to see him as a potential lifemate and it's depressing him terribly. He has tried everything-"

"Except, possibly, telling Jim how he feels?" Qui-Gon sighed, and slumped back into the cushions.


Jinn quirked a smile at his padawan. "It's not a terribly difficult problem, my padawan. You see, Jim is also in love with B'lair, but believes his student - who, by the way, apparently shares his affections with a great many people - does not see him as a potential lifemate. He believes he is largely unattractive to B'lair and that is depressing him."

Obi-Wan blinked, then slumped back into the sofa beside his master with a weary sigh. "Stars, but they're rather clueless, aren't they?"

"Absolutely. It's a wonder the Council trusts them with a lightsaber, sometimes," the older man sniped.

"They've been wondering if they should trust us on occasion, Qui-Gon, so let's not sling any stones in that particular glass house," Kenobi retorted.

"Wise words, Obi-Wan; I shall heed them. However, I have an idea. Jim is coming here tonight to have dinner with me and have a proverbial cry on my shoulder. I know you orchestrated a study group tonight, but I believe I'm going to have you cancel it. You're going to tell them I need you to do something, so it will have to wait until you are all available again."

"Well, that will be a week from tonight, Qui-Gon. What story am I going to tell them?" Obi-Wan asked eagerly.

"No story at all, my young friend," Qui-Gon shot back with a sly grin. "I would very much like it if you would work on the Radix Kata tonight."

Obi-Wan groaned and dropped his head back, unaware of his master eyeing his throat hungrily. "It'll take me hours!"

"And if it does, so be it. You know you need to work on it. I see nothing wrong with interrupting a study group that can take place a week from now without any harmful consequences occurring to any of you, while I do need you to master that kata. You know there are hidden meanings and necessities to each kata, Obi-Wan. You aren't learning them 'just because'."

Kenobi sighed and then tilted his head so he could smile at his teacher. "Yes, master. I'll work on it tonight, I promise. So, should I tell B'lair that his master needs to see him and that he's over here?"

"Yes, that will do nicely. Thank you," Jinn said with a pleased smile, then got up and stretched up to the ceiling, unaware of his padawan's gaze tracing the length of his body hungrily.

"Now that that's settled," Qui-Gon continued, turning to look down at his student, who looked away quickly, "I need to get started on dinner preparations. It would help me greatly if you'd do some quick dusting and cleaning. You know about Jim's heightened senses."

"Yes, master. The usual?"

"Yes, please. Thank you, Obi-Wan. You are kind to help me."

"And what else would I be doing? Helping you means putting off the Radix for a few more moments," Kenobi teased, then leaped nimbly away from the playful swat Qui-Gon aimed at him.

"Upstart," the older man rumbled, then headed into the kitchen to look through their supplies.

Obi-Wan watched him go, sighed quietly, and then arranged himself in a comfortable lotus position in the center of the room, closed his eyes, and began dusting using the Force.


"What do you mean, the study group has been canceled?"

Obi-Wan sighed and grimaced. "Look, Flonteen, I can't exactly say 'I don't feel like it' to my master and have it stick, you know? If he says 'work on a kata', he means 'work on a kata' and he doesn't mean 'when you get around to it'. You know how masters are."

"Yeah, yeah," the young Alderaanian woman grumbled, and got to her feet, packing up her diskettes and reader.

B'lair sighed, too, and also began packing up, along with the others, then glanced over at his friend. "Do you need any help, Obi-Wan? I could stay with you, if you want; work on it with you."

Kenobi grinned and shook his head. "Thanks, but no. In fact, your master needs to see you, too. He's currently talking with my master. Go to our apartment; you'll find him there."

B'lair frowned. "He's all right? I don't feel anything amiss…"

The others left the study hall with quick goodbyes and Obi-Wan sighed and rolled his eyes at his friend. "No, there's nothing wrong. You worry too much, Sandy. He's been taking care of himself for a long time. Just because you happen to be the perfect guide for him doesn't mean he's going to suddenly start falling apart like some decrepit old eccentric if you're not there to scurry after him."

"I do not scurry after him!" B'lair retorted heatedly.

"Please. You're so anxious to be with him that you practically ride on his back!"

"Takes one to know one!"

Obi-Wan grinned and nodded. "Exactly. B'lair, listen. Let me give you some advice. Master Ellison likes you; it's obvious to see that. You two have a rapport that many people envy. But he does not like being crowded and you know that. Maybe if you try to act aloof? Be polite, be your usual self, but … tease him. Back off. Don't be so much in his space. Make him come to you."

"You think?"

"It's got to be better than sleeping your way through most of the Temple and the rest of the known galaxies, trying to point out what a great lover you are. In case you haven't noticed, genius, it hasn't worked and you're bored with it."

"True," B'lair sighed as they walked along the halls. "I just … he means so much to me; he's why I became a Jedi…."

"I know," Obi-Wan murmured. "If it helps, I believe you'll be together as lifemates. It wouldn't make sense otherwise."

B'lair grinned at his friend. "It does help, thanks. And isn't this your turn off?"

Obi-Wan blinked, looking up to find they were at the hallway junction he needed to take to get to the workout rooms, and cursed. "Yes, it is. Thank you ever so much."

"Anytime!" B'lair laughed. "Hey - don't strain yourself."

"Oh, get out of here!" Kenobi snapped, and aimed a swat at his friend's head.

Nimbly, B'lair ducked out of the way and went dancing down the hall, snickering. "Looks like you will be straining something if you can't manage to tag lil ol' me! I don't see how you're going to manage the kata!"

"Wise-ass!" Kenobi yelled, and then headed off down the hallway, grinning wickedly as he anticipated the surprise his master was undoubtedly planning to spring on the two of them.

B'lair, unaware of the "trap" that was preparing to be sprung, hurried through the halls to the Jinn/Kenobi suite and rung the soft chimes to announce his presence. The door slid open and he stepped inside quickly, his eyes darting around until he saw his master and Qui-Gon sitting on the sofa nearby. As the door slid shut behind him, he walked forward until he stood before them and bowed. "Masters."

"B'lair," Qui-Gon said genially, smiling. "Is Obi-Wan off to work on his kata?"

"Yes, Master Jinn," B'lair replied with a sly grin. "Rather ungraciously, but he's working on it."

Qui-Gon sighed. "Yes, that sounds like Obi-Wan. What he has against a better understanding of the Living Force is beyond me."

"My guess is 'it's not cool'," Jim teased, getting up to go to his student, removing B'lair's light brown robe for him. "Not like mechanical things are. They're much more fun to a young, hyperactive mind."

"Then why is it your own student - who is, by the way, the living definition of 'hyperactive'-" Qui-Gon teased back, ignoring B'lair's mock-outraged grumble. "Why is it that B'lair, here, is much more adept at associating with the Living Force than my Obi-Wan?"

"He's not that far removed," Ellison retorted, and ducked away from the poke in the ribs his student gave him.

Qui-Gon laughed and turned to go handle the last of the dinner preparations.

B'lair turned to his own beloved master and looked him over critically, any half-formed ideas of affecting aloofness flying out the window at the sight of his friend and teacher. "You seem well enough, Jim," he said quietly. "Why was I called here to attend you? Is something wrong?"

The older man shook his head and smiled. "No problem, Chief. Qui-Gon merely invited us both to dinner. I hope you didn't have other plans."

"Except for the study group, no. You're really all right? No headaches? No problems with your senses?"

Jim rolled his eyes and turned B'lair around, pushing him gently in the direction of the dining room. "I'm fine, B'lair, I promise you. Besides, you would be able to feel if anything's wrong."

"Right, I know, I know. I can't help worrying sometimes, that's all," B'lair replied, relishing the feel of strong, sensitive hands on his shoulders.

"And it's a credit to you, B'lair, but trust that Jim can take care of himself from time to time," Qui-Gon muttered as he took something out of the refrigerator.

"Yes, sir," said the young padawan. Then he grinned when he saw the tray that held the first course of their dinner. "All right! Sushi!"

"Told you it would be a hit," Jim laughed as he glanced at his snickering former master.

B'lair glanced between the two of them and rolled his eyes, turning away as he muttered, "I'm so easy."

I wish you were that easy for me, Chief Jim thought silently, and then looked up to find Qui-Gon watching him knowingly. He grinned wryly, shrugged, and moved to collect the wineglasses.

They all sat down at the dining table in another room and each of them carefully selected a few maki rolls and various other pieces of sushi from the large tray Qui-Gon had brought out, generously applying whatever condiments they wanted to go with their choices. Qui-Gon poured the wine and, after setting the carafe down, lifted his glass and smiled.

"To good friends," he said.

"To good friends," Jim and B'lair replied, and they all took a sip.

Qui-Gon, watching, kept his heart rate and thoughts calm so as not to alert his sentinel friend, but he smiled slyly, hiding it with his wineglass, as he watched his friends drink. This was a wine that was potent stuff on beings of B'lair's physiology and subspecies, and Jim's senses would make him susceptible to it as well.

It's a rather sneaky and cheap method of getting them where they want to be he thought to himself as they began eating, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


"...and then - get this! - then he walks up and calls the base commander an asshole!"

Qui-Gon and Ellison burst out laughing while B'lair hid his face in his arms.

"All because he blew his whistle right by my ear," Jim finished, chortling. "Of course, that wasn't half so interesting as what he did with the whistle!"

"He hurt you," B'lair growled, his face flaming red as he peered blearily at his master. "He did it on purpose because he's jealous of the Jedi and knew loud noises could hurt you."

"So," Jinn gasped, "so what did you do with the whistle?"

B'lair was silent for a moment, then shyly began snickering as he admitted, "I used the, um, Force to, um … well … shoveituphisnose."

Jim fell out of his chair laughing while Qui-Gon knocked over his wineglass - now empty - and choked slightly before erupting in a chorus of belly laughs.

B'lair gave in and began laughing as well.

Eventually, Jim gasped out, "You - you - you should h-have seen him, Qui! Ev-every time he talked, h-h-he whistled through his nose! Nothing but 'help me, get it out, you stinking Jedi!' and toot, toot, toot!"

"You know, officially, we should strive to be more patient with the jealousy of other beings," Qui-Gon began, then grinned wickedly. "However, unofficially, I think that's the funniest thing I've heard since Obi-Wan almost got himself made a concubine to the daughter of Elikam, High King of Phalmon."

"You mean that Cyntishe girl?" B'lair asked, slightly disoriented.

The older master nodded. "Something to do with the way he presented himself. Apparently, he mixed up the greeting and gave her a pick-up line instead. And, of course, you know what Cyntishe is like, so of course she jumped at the chance when it seemed that a beautiful young man and a powerful Jedi student was offering himself to her."

The other two began laughing. "Oh, yes," Jim laughed. "Had to have been the greatest Jedi pick-up line in the history of the universe. And the look on his face when you told me about it…!"

B'lair was silent for a few moments as he took another sip of wine, then blurted out, "I wonder what Master Yoda's pick-up line would be."

Jim and Qui-Gon coughed and gasped as they choked on the wine they were drinking. When they finally got control of themselves, they gaped at the younger man.

B'lair, pleasantly tipsy, grinned and shrugged back. "Well, come on. His species must propagate somehow. And what about all those trips he makes back home?"

"You mean Dagobah?" Jim asked.

"No," Qui-Gon snorted, waving his hand dismissively. "That's his 'summer retreat'. The place he likes to hide out in because of the massive amounts of Force energy that comes from the living creatures that make up the planet. You know that, Jim."

"Oh, yeah," the drunken sentinel Jedi slurred, then laughed.

"Still, I wonder what he'd try," B'lair mused. "Maybe something like: 'Ahhh! Yoda's little friend you seek!'"

The masters fell over, laughing uproariously at B'lair's dead-on impersonation of Yoda's voice and the pick-up line.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Jim gasped, clutching his sides. "How 'bout this one? ‘ Put a shield on my saber I must!'"

All three were howling after that one.

Qui-Gon eventually cleared his throat and then said, "Or maybe: 'Down here I am. Find a ladder I must!'"

B'lair screamed with laughter and fell out of his chair. Jim tried to catch him, but was too slow, drunk and laughing as he was, so he fell out of his own chair and landed beside his student. Seeing their predicament, a still giggling Qui-Gon got up and stumbled over to them, then bent down and dragged them further into the living room where the sofa and the thick, soft carpet was.

B'lair grinned and looked at the two of them, and then said, again in Yoda's voice, "'Do me or do me not. There is no try!'"

Qui-Gon fell down beside his friends and they all three writhed as they bellowed with laughter.

Finally, Jim propped himself up and leaned over B'lair so he could look at both of them and gasped out, "'When 900 years old you are, Viagra you will need, too, hmmm?'"

Qui-Gon and B'lair convulsed with laughter, the student curling up against Jim as they held onto each other, giggling like mad. When Jinn noticed, he rolled over so that he lay pressed against B'lair's back, one arm and leg draping over the padawan, as well as Jim.

"H-h-how ab-bout: 'Foreplay, cuddling. A Jedi craves not these things.'"

"Like hell!" both B'lair and Jim burst out with before succumbing to laughter.

Comfortably warm and cozy between two large, muscular male bodies, B'lair snuggled against Jim's chest, enjoying Qui-Gon's mass behind him as he giggled out, "'Ow, ow, OW! On my ear, you are!'"

Immediately, Jim shifted to get off B'lair's ear, but his student stopped him while Qui-Gon snickered against the back of B'lair's neck.

"No, Jim," the younger man laughed. "I meant … Yoda pick-up … y'know…."

Jim grinned and rolled over to brace himself so that he leaned half over his padawan, and said wickedly, "'Who's your Jedi Master? Who's your Jedi Master?'"

But B'lair wasn't laughing when he replied seriously, "You are, Jim."

Jim stilled as he looked down at his beautiful, beloved padawan, clearly noticing for the first time the longing and love in the big blue eyes. Heart thundering in his chest, he whispered B'lair's name and lowered his mouth slowly to his guide's. Only to be met in a rush by a desperate, hungry kiss from B'lair who, realizing he was about to receive his heart's desire, hurried to take it, afraid he'd miss this chance. The two of them moaned and surged against one another, holding on tightly to one another, as they tasted each other intimately for the first time.

Qui-Gon, still lying beside them and watching, shuddered at the surge of desire he could feel emanating from them. Thankful that, like most apartments, there was a Force shield installed for privacy from the rest of the Temple, Qui-Gon smiled and reached out, brushing his hand along Jim's back in approval, he rolled away and sat up, ready to leave them to their lovemaking.

Only to be caught by the scruff of his outer tunic and yanked back down, sprawling across both Jim and B'lair, who were smiling at him.

"Where are you going, Master Jinn?" B'lair purred sultrily.

"Yeah, Qui," Jim echoed. "You don't think you're going to get left out of this, do you?"

"But … your first time … together," the usually suave master mumbled, confused.

"Has been made possible by you," Ellison replied. "Don't think I didn't recognize the trick. B'lair did, too. But we're grateful for it and we wanted it to happen, so it did. Drunk we might be, in love and horny we most definitely are, but we're not so rude as to tease you with intimacy and then force you away. Stay. Make love with us."

"Or go find Obi-Wan," B'lair suggested with a wicked grin.

"No," Jinn murmured, quickly stripping off his tunics. "The time is not yet right for me to be with Obi-Wan. I'll stay, since you so generously offered."

"Good. I have one request, though. I want Jim to take me. Whatever else happens is fine, but I want Jim inside me," B'lair demanded hotly, and then grabbed his sentinel-teacher's head and brought Jim's mouth down to his own.

They groaned, kissing hungrily, and Qui-Gon took the opportunity to begin divesting the two of their clothing, using hands and Force to get them naked. A moment later, he found himself being kissed by Jim and felt B'lair's hands undoing his boots as Jim helped undress him.

Gloriously nude, the three of them spent long, long moments kissing and touching and stroking one another. B'lair had his mouth around Qui-Gon's cock while Jinn had Ellison's swallowed down to the root in his mouth. Lube, which had been quickly summoned while Qui-Gon was still coherent, was slathered over a few of Jim's fingers and those fingers were currently stretching and probing B'lair's puckered entrance, making the younger man moan happily. The sensation of B'lair's moans on Qui-Gon's cock made the older Jedi master shiver with delight and suck harder on Jim.

"Ohhhh, so good," Jim rumbled, and he flicked his fingertips across B'lair's prostate.

B'lair's head lifted and arched back as he let out a cry of pleasure, thrusting back onto the fingers inside him. "Oh! Jim, yes, please…."

"Yes, yes," Jim replied feverishly. "I'll take care of you, love, but don't forget Qui-Gon…"

Before Qui-Gon could say anything, he found his chest attacked by the young padawan, the plump, knowledgeable mouth sucking and nipping his tight nipples. He moaned and writhed a bit, rubbing his erection against B'lair's leg, and slid off Jim's cock. "Ahhhh, yes…"

Chuckling, Jim slid lower and pulled on B'lair's shoulder so that in a moment, all three of them were able to kiss one another without straining. Affectionate, lusty kisses were traded between them, Qui-Gon and Jim, Jim and B'lair, B'lair and Qui-Gon. Hands ghosted over backs and buttocks and chests and bellies and cocks and thighs, sighs of pleasure murmured between kisses.

Finally, B'lair pulled away, rolling onto his back, and whispered, "Jim, please … need you now."

A wide, delighted smile flashed across Jim's face and he gave one last, quick kiss to Qui-Gon, handed him the lube after coating his dick with some of it, then took his place between B'lair's spread thighs. He smiled down at his beloved student/guide/mate, and carefully began easing into B'lair's ready entrance.

Moaning softly, B'lair reached up and wrapped his arms around Jim's neck, shivering as he spread his legs wider, lifting them higher.

"Ohhhh, Jim…" he murmured, smiling.

"Like that?" Jim asked softly, leaning down to press kisses to B'lair's jaw and cheeks and lips.

"Love it, love you, more, please more," B'lair moaned.

Before Jim could answer, he felt strong fingers coated with lubricant at his own entrance and shuddered. Eagerly, he drew his knees under him, spreading his thighs, and waited.

When B'lair made a questioning noise, he kissed the younger man again and said, "In a moment, love. Qui-Gon needs to be with us. Just a few more moments…."

"Oh, hurry, please," B'lair called out, then leaned up to kiss his master/sentinel/mate hungrily, his hips undulating beneath Ellison.

Qui-Gon smiled at the barely restrained urgency in both men and quickly, gently prepared Jim to take him. When his former pupil was ready and he had coated his own cock, Qui-Gon positioned himself, his arms braced on either side of Jim and B'lair.

"Ready, Jim?" he murmured quietly.

"Yes!" Ellison rasped. "Now, Qui-Gon, please. Can't wait…"

Jinn chuckled and pressed kisses along the back of Jim's neck and shoulders. Then, carefully, he pressed inside, smiling at the long, low, lush groan of pleasure the sentinel Jedi let loose with.

"Ah, yes, that's so good," Jim moaned against B'lair's mouth, arching his hips up a bit more. Beneath him, B'lair shivered and gasped a bit as the movement stroked Jim's cockhead across his prostate.

Coming to rest against Jim's buttocks, Qui-Gon braced himself, holding still as he closed his eyes and let himself savor the sensation of being gripped by a hot, tight channel, sensing his partners' pleasure.

Then B'lair, impatient, began kissing Jim as he thrust his hips upward, forcing Jim more deeply inside him. Jim let out a choked cry, even as he kissed B'lair back, as his guide's movement forced Qui-Gon more deeply inside him, the older Jedi's cock lodging firmly against his prostate. His sense of touch dialed up as high as it was, the sharp zinging of pleasure from that stroke inside him brought him perilously close to orgasm. Getting control of himself, he forced the dial back down and kept his attention close at hand. Gripping Qui-Gon's dick tightly with his ass muscles, Jim then loosened the grip and pushed back, feeling the older man shudder and withdraw slightly.

Smoothly, firmly, Qui-Gon thrust back inside Jim and that forced Jim to thrust into B'lair, who gave a shuddering cry of delight and pushed up. Jim withdrew, Qui-Gon withdrew, and then the rhythmic dance of thrust and withdrawal between the three of them began. Soon, the tempo sped up and they were lunging hungrily against one another, Jim's body rocking desperately back and forth between the other two as he was bombarded by sensation from front and back.

B'lair, his bond with his master and sentinel open to the fullest, was awash with the feedback of Jim's pleasure and, peripherally, sensed Qui-Gon's. He cried out brokenly, urging them both to move harder, faster, it felt so good, please, more, please, want to come, Jim, Qui-Gon, harder, more, please!

Both Jedi masters groaned harshly and gave in to the demand, Qui-Gon thrusting harder, faster, into Jim and Jim thrusting harder and faster into B'lair. Jinn nipped and kissed the back of Jim's neck, delighting in the shivers it caused in the sentinel, while Ellison kissed every part of B'lair he could reach; mouth, neck, ears, shoulders … arching enough to be able to nip and suckle the younger man's nipples occasionally.

There was no way pleasure like this could last for too long, not between Force-sensitives who could feel each other's pleasure as well as their own. Especially between Sentinel and Guide, who shared a deeper bond than any Master/Padawan pairing could ever hope for. Soon B'lair was screaming, thrashing frantically beneath Jim, his hips snapping upward desperately as his come spilled between their writhing bodies, hot and wet against sensitive sentinel skin.

Jim, in turn, threw back his head and let out a roar of pleasure as his own orgasm rushed through him. He thrust hard into B'lair, then jerked back to take Qui-Gon deeper into himself, again and again and again as he spilled his own seed into his beloved mate. Qui-Gon grit his teeth, held on for a few more desperate strokes into Jim, and then he let his climax sweep over him. Letting his head fall back, he let out a long, low groan and his hips rolled smoothly back and forth as he pumped his own come into Jim's body, his cock pulsing with pleasure. All three of them slumped and fell apart, lying in a semi-tangled heap as they fought to regain control of their breathing.

When Qui-Gon came back to himself, he looked over to see Jim and B'lair trading tiny, sweet kisses, and he smiled. "Well. I'm glad that seemed to work," he murmured.

Jim rolled over and B'lair leaned up to drape himself over his mate so he could look at the older master, too.

"Yeah, but who says it's over?" Jim asked with a twinkle in his eyes. He shared a look over his shoulder with his guide and lover.

Qui-Gon saw them grin mischievously at each other, then back at him, and blinked. No … surely they can't mean they want to make love again, already. With me, again….

"Yes, Qui-Gon," Ellison said seriously, accurately guessing what his former master and lover was thinking. "We want it again. We want you, still. Let us have this night between the three of us. We owe you so much and we care about you. Besides, we have to get you in shape so you can keep up with Obi-Wan…"

"My padawan-" Jinn began, but was interrupted.

"-loves you as surely as you love him," B'lair said smoothly. "He wants you, too. He's not so sure about you, though. Are you sure, Qui-Gon?"

The older man thought for a moment, then smiled. "As sure as I am that the Force exists."

"Good," both Ellison and B'lair muttered, and then they were on him.

Qui-Gon moaned as he found his mouth hungrily taken by the young guide and his cock grasped in Jim's talented hand, sentinel touch enabling the man to know exactly where to touch and how to bring him back to full hardness in very little time.

"We'll take this a little slower, now that the edge has been worn off a bit," Qui-Gon vaguely heard Jim mutter, and his hips surged upwards in response to the finger that teased at his hole even as Ellison's fist squeezed and stroked his dick.

Jinn was too busy kissing to reply, however, and he could understand what Jim saw in his young guide and student. B'lair's mouth was a lush treasure of sweetness, the plump lips expertly pressing and nipping, his tongue teasing and tasting knowingly. When he felt B'lair's hands stroke down his chest and his fingers begin plucking at his nipples, he groaned and wrapped his arms around the lithe body that straddled his, spreading his legs wide to receive Jim's attentions.

Smiling, Ellison bent down and wrapped his mouth over and around Qui-Gon's hard, leaking cock and sucked softly, then hard, as he teased his former master's hole with the tip of one finger. Barely pushing in, he flexed the finger in a small circle, making the older man squirm, trying to ride down on it and get deeper pressure.

B'lair gasped as he was suddenly pushed slightly away from Qui-Gon, their mouths parting. Then he yelped when Qui-Gon's mouth attacked his chest, nipping and sucking his nipples. He moaned, shivered, and held the older Jedi's head close to his chest, closing his eyes and reveling in the sensation. His cock was heavy and hard once again, and he began rubbing it against Qui-Gon's thigh, teasing himself with the light sensation.

A few moments later, Qui-Gon pulled away, gasping, and he said, "Jim … what about you … what do you want…?"

Pulling off of Qui-Gon's dick with a loud slurp, Ellison moved up so that he was pressed against B'lair's back, smiling as his mate sighed with pleasure at his heat and hardness. He bit lightly at the joint between neck and shoulder, growling happily when B'lair shuddered hard, and then he looked into Qui-Gon's eyes. "What I want is to give to the two people I love most in the universe. I want B'lair to take me. I want you to sit on my face. I want to make you both come with the pleasure you receive from my body."

Both Qui-Gon and B'lair groaned at the erotic imagery Jim's words produced and quickly the three of them moved to position themselves.

Jim lay on his back, his legs lifted, and spread, hooked over B'lair's arms. He looked up eagerly as Qui-Gon knelt over his head, lowering himself so that everything was in easy reach. Leaning up, he licked across Jinn's dangling balls and then reached up to spread the firm buttocks. Just as he pressed his mouth to the hidden pucker, his tongue tip touching soft flesh, he felt B'lair thrust into him swiftly, smoothly, pushing all the way in until the base of B'lair's groin was pressed to his. His subsequent moan made Qui-Gon gasp and shiver as the sensation traveled along his skin in that sensitive area. Smiling, Jim began licking, teasing, pressing; using his tongue to gain access to that tight channel and give pleasure.

Sighing, smiling, Qui-Gon watched as B'lair began thrusting into Jim, moving slowly and smoothly, his deep blue eyes turning darker with lust, love, and pleasure. Leaning forward, he took Jim's cock in his hand even as he reached forward and hooked his other hand behind B'lair's neck, tugging him forward. Their mouths met and B'lair immediately took control of the kiss, hungrily eating the master's mouth with his own as he thrust into his mate's body steadily.

Ellison shuddered happily and as his hips moved in time with B'lair's thrusts, he used all of his skill and talent to eat Qui-Gon out, thrusting deep with his tongue, then fingers, then flicking teasingly at the stretched entrance as he pushed a single digit in deep, finding the older man's prostate and nudging firmly.

With a harsh gasp, Qui-Gon tore his mouth away. He rode down on Jim's finger and tongue for a few seconds, and then lifted himself away. Positioning himself so that his cock hung down towards the sentinel's mouth, he began licking and suckling at B'lair's nipples again, jacking Jim's dick with his hand, and thrust downward into Jim's mouth, which eagerly received him, deep throating him with ease.

Biting gently at one of B'lair's nipples, listening to the pleasured cry from the younger man, Qui-Gon reached around with his other hand and stroked and teased B'lair's hole with his own fingers, but didn't actually enter him. The teasing drove B'lair crazy, making him thrust harder, faster into Jim, who whimpered around Qui-Gon's cock in his throat. Smiling wickedly, Qui-Gon slowed and eased his strokes on Jim's dick, barely putting any pressure on the sentinel's cock.

Jim shuddered, feeling his orgasm approaching. It wasn't going to take too much longer. The flavor of Qui-Gon in his mouth, the feel of his love, B'lair, slamming into his ass, and the teasing sensation of Jinn's hand on his dick … it wouldn't be long. Everything was so good, and the hum of pleasure in the bond between the three of them was pure and strong.

Abruptly, Qui-Gon pulled away from both of them, causing both Jim and B'lair to cry out in confusion and disappointment. He smiled at them and said roughly, "Please … please, I want it to be this way. I want to come with B'lair taking me and with Jim in my mouth. I want Jim to come in my mouth; I want B'lair to come in my ass. Please."

B'lair looked down at Jim and the sentinel looked back. They silently conferred and then B'lair gently disengaged, withdrawing from Jim's body with utmost care and delicacy. He leaned down to kiss the tip of Jim's cock, smiled mischievously, and then waited for Qui-Gon to position himself. Once again, Qui-Gon knelt over Jim's head, settling down so that everything was in easy reach of Jim's mouth and he could easily take Ellison's cock into his own mouth. Swiftly, B'lair moved around behind Qui-Gon and tested his passage, finding it wet and stretched enough to take him without pain.

Leaning forward, Qui-Gon licked Jim's cock a few times, enjoying the flavor and wetting him down, and then he swallowed Ellison to the root and swallowed hard. Jim cried out and thrust his hips upward in reaction, shivering hard. When Qui-Gon pulled back, sucking hard, he shouted again, urging the older man to suck him down, and then he reached up and tugged at B'lair's thighs.

The younger man needed no further urging and he shifted closer, then carefully guided his cock into Qui-Gon's hole and shoved in, moving carefully but firmly. Qui-Gon groaned deep in his chest, the sound, and vibration moving up his throat to where Jim's cock was. The sentinel moaned happily and then yelped again when Qui-Gon once again swallowed around him rhythmically.

The sentinel kept his eyes open, watching B'lair's cock push in and out of Qui-Gon's ass in smooth, steady strokes. He watched Qui-Gon's balls sway back and forth with a smile and his own hips began making tiny thrusting motions, pushing in and out of Jinn's throat. Hands settled on his hips, stilling him, and he obeyed that silent command. Those hands then urged him to lift and spread his legs, bracing his feet flat on the floor, and he did so, and then moaned again as two fingers immediately pressed into his ass, striking deep and finding his prostate. They pistoned in and out of him in time to B'lair's thrusts, which were coming faster and harder now, the cock above his face moving into Qui-Gon's ass almost in a blur.

Leaning up, he licked around Jinn's hole, pressing his tongue against B'lair's flesh and Qui-Gon's, causing both men to cry out, though Qui-Gon's was muffled. In reaction, the older master began sucking and swallowing harder around Jim's cock even as he flicked his fingers against Jim's prostate.

B'lair couldn't believe how good it felt: Qui-Gon's ass clenching him hard and Jim's tongue licking over him as he moved in and out. Shivering, gasping, he panted, "I'm … gonna … come … soon!"

Moaning, Jim shifted and began licking at Qui-Gon's balls, then took first one and then the other into his mouth, suckling with just the right amount of pressure that he knew the older man couldn't resist. Qui-Gon screamed around the cock in his throat and his body seized, shuddered, and then he was coming hard, spraying his seed onto Jim's chest as his ass muscles clenched and unclenched around B'lair's dick. With a sharp cry of pleasure, the younger man came, pounding into Jinn's ass as he spilled himself inside the older man. Jim was coming as well, almost mindless with pleasure as Qui-Gon managed to swallow his seed that he released in heavy spurts.

Once again, the three of them fell apart, gasping harshly as pleasure raced through their systems first quickly, then languorously. Qui-Gon opened his eyes to see B'lair lying next to him, slightly dazed, and a little twitchy. When he looked down, he realized why the younger man couldn't stay still. His hips were still moving, just barely, and his cock was still a little hard. Smiling, he managed to move himself down, leaned forward, and took the younger man's dick into his mouth even as he pressed his fingers inside, searching for B'lair's prostate and stroking firmly over it.

B'lair let out a soft squeak as he gave another small climax of pleasure, shuddering hard and spurting weakly into Qui-Gon's mouth. Chuckling, he gathered the student into his arms and managed to roll over so that B'lair lay sandwiched between himself and Jim, hardly surprised when sentinel and guide immediately snuggled into each other. Blinking, he yawned tiredly, and then he was asleep.


Sometime later, Jim woke up with a start as he heard someone enter the room. It took him almost a second to assess the situation: he had fallen asleep on the floor of Qui-Gon's living room after having the most marvelous orgy of his life with both his former master and his guide. He smiled, his joy at having B'lair's love and desire aimed at him knowing no bounds.

Glancing around, he noted that he and B'lair had, sometime while they were asleep, shifted away from Qui-Gon, leaving the older man sprawled loosely on the floor. Tracking with his senses, Jim relaxed upon learning it was Obi-Wan, coming home from the lesson Qui-Gon had set him to earlier that evening.

When Blair began waking up, Jim gently held a hand over his mouth, getting his attention. He brought his mouth down to B'lair's ear and whispered, "It's Obi-Wan. Lie still, pretend to be asleep, and let's see what happens."

Nodding, B'lair relaxed against Jim's chest as the sentinel sent out a tendril of Force energy, waking Qui-Gon carefully, explaining what was going on. It was only a few moments later that Obi-Wan, who had stumbled in tiredly and headed straight for the shower, came out again with a towel wrapped around his hips. The water had loosened him up and revived him slightly, so now he came looking for his master, who was surprisingly not in his bed. When he found the man naked on the floor, with two other naked Jedi nearby, he halted abruptly and simply stared, trying to process what his eyes were telling him. As he took in the sight of Qui-Gon stretched out, relaxed, and apparently thoroughly debauched, Obi-Wan's cock hardened almost instantly and he shivered.

Force, but he's beautiful, he thought to himself. Sighing, he checked to make sure the towel was in place and then he walked over and knelt down, reaching out to touch Qui-Gon's shoulder.

In an instant, arms came up and wrapped around him, rolling him over. Startled, he looked up into Qui-Gon's warm, welcoming gaze and gulped. His eyes widened when he felt one of Qui-Gon's hands slip between them and quickly unknot the towel, then his fingers curled gently around his dick.

"Did you want something, my padawan?" Qui-Gon murmured softly.


"No. Not … my name is Qui-Gon. You know that. Obi-Wan. Do you want anything?"

Blinking rapidly, Kenobi realized his wishes were finally coming true. Smiling, he wrapped his arms around Qui-Gon's neck and purred back, "Yes, Qui-Gon. I want something. You. Can I have you?"

"All you had to do was ask, my Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon replied, and leaned down to kiss his love.

A few feet away, Jim and B'lair watched silently for a few moments, smiling, and then silently got to their feet and made their way into Obi-Wan's room.

The other two never noticed them at all.

The end

Acknowledgments: To my dear, dedicated, demented MME sibs--thank you for helping to pull me through a really rough patch. I love you all. And thanks to Bert Hayling for providing me with a list of names to play with. As RB would say... Much Aloha!

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