Searching For Answers – Lisa, Duncan's Twin

Methos scrolled down the list of hits. He had an elaborate set up, a database set to scan on-line newspapers for various key words and phrases, including ‘revived’, ‘presumed dead’, to keep him apprised of any new possible Immortals. It wasn’t as if he’d ever really do anything with the information, but it was always nice to know what was going on in the world outside his immediate surroundings. Today’s list was as boring as usual, until he hit on a winner.

Drowned Professor is Revived

The professor’s name was familiar to Methos somehow, and the idea that he might know this man tickled at his subconscious. As he waited for the printer to spew out the article, Methos grabbed a nearby magazine and thumbed through it.

Well, I’ll be damned! Methos thought, coming across an article written by the very same Sandburg. Guess I’ll be going to...Cascade, Washington. Hmm, wonder how far away is that from Seacouver?

Methos grabbed a Washington State map and made plans.


His sources had been reliable, he was sure. It just seemed like nobody was home. Or at work. Blair Sandburg had taken a leave of absence from the university, and Jim Ellison’s voicemail continued to pick up.

Checking his watch, Methos knew he was in for a long wait. He shivered against the cold and wondered if there wasn’t a better way to redeem himself. Not that he’d let on to the daft Scot if he did take a student.


All it had taken was a passing comment about a waste of all the years of learning, and here he was, waiting for some possible new Immortal in the middle of the bloody night, in a drafty alleyway.

Bright plan, idiot. Methos chided himself.

Weighing his options, Methos decided to come back in a day or so. Instead of waiting here, looking like a vampire ready to suck anything that passed too closely.

His cock twitched and his thoughts turned to Duncan’s mouth.

Yes, a little distraction would be mighty nice.


"Harder, MacLeod, I’m not made of glass!" Methos yelled, his voice hoarse from all the yelling he’d been doing for the last two hours.

It was a well-kept secret, and Methos had learned the hard way: Duncan MacLeod was a sadist. Well, okay, not in the strictest terms, but he surely loved forcing Methos to balance on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. One night, Methos had passed out from the strain, not even attaining orgasm. But then Duncan had made it up to him the next morning, blowing his mind with a very enthusiastic round of rimming and an orgasm that seemed to last for a week.

Currently, Duncan was sheathed inside Methos’ amazingly tight ass, taking ever so gentle strokes. Methos was sure he would explode any minute, but Duncan’s hand gripped his cock in an almost painful fist.

"Yell some more for me, old man," Duncan teased, rolling his hips and nudging Methos’ prostate.

"Fuck me!!" Methos screamed at the top of his lungs.

"My pleasure," Duncan growled.

Duncan was relentless; clenching Methos’ cock, he pounded in and out of the tight sheath until his head was spinning, sweat dripping onto the pale body underneath his. Nearing his completion, Duncan stroked Methos’ cock, jerking it hard, each groan torn from Methos’ throat, fueling their lust.

In a blinding cataclysm, Methos came, spurting his essence across the bed and Duncan’s hand. The clenching around Duncan’s cock was sublime, and he thrust one last time, called out in Gaelic and then came, his hot seed scalding Methos’ insides.

They fell onto the bed almost simultaneously, their heavy breathing the only sound in the large room.

"I think I’m gonna regret teaching you that trick," Methos muttered, sighing deeply.

"You know you love it," Duncan teased before getting up to retrieve towels with which to clean them.


"My pleasure," Duncan smirked, but Methos was already asleep.


The sun had barely started rising when Duncan rolled over, hoping to get a little morning action, but his hand only met cold and empty sheets. It wasn’t the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

He tried to go back to sleep, but his mind refused to let go. Eventually, he gave up and climbed out of bed. Scratching his belly, Duncan spotted a note on his bedside table.

Back in a few days. M.

Duncan smiled and turned the paper over, seeing a phone number. Picking up the phone, Duncan dialed.

"Cascade Inn and Suites, how can I help you?"

"Um, yes, has Adam Pierson checked in yet?"

A pause while Duncan heard the clicking of nails on a keyboard.

"Not yet, but he’s due in today. Do you want to leave a message?"

"No, thank you."

Duncan hung up the phone and decided a little road trip was in order. Cascade was only a two-hour drive; he was going to find Methos and get that morning satisfaction, one way or another.


A quick phone call to the department secretary confirmed Methos’ assumption; Blair Sandburg was back at work. Putting on his simple grad student face, Methos hefted a backpack over his shoulder and set out for the social sciences building, Hargrove Hall, walking quickly in the light rain. He walked past an empty fountain and wondered curiously if that wasn’t the fountain from which young Sandburg had been so recently revived.

The halls were almost empty as he walked down the middle corridor heading for the elevator. As he waited for the elevator, Methos tried to decide how to play it with Blair; it had been a very long time since he’d had to break the news to a newbie.

The elevator ride was quiet, a studious looking young lady his only companion. And he waited, waited for the buzz of an Immortal, but it didn’t come. Thinking Sandburg might be out of the office, Methos decided to do a little reconnaissance first.

Slowly, he walked down the narrow hallway to office 421. Rounding a corner, he found what he was looking for; the door was ajar, and he could hear a voice from within. Even with the glass pane, Methos couldn’t see inside because of the angle. Stepping closer, he overheard part of the conversation, realizing that the person in the office was speaking on the telephone.

"Right, you can get those notes from Sabrina. Her number is on the syllabus. You do have the syllabus, don’t you?"

Methos heard a deep laugh, and his insides tingled; it was a very pleasant sound, different from Duncan’s laugh, but very pleasing. Suddenly, Methos considered other options for this trip. He heard the anonymous person hang up the phone and decided it was time to introduce himself.

Walking over to the door, Methos tapped on the glass with a finger and smiled. The good-looking man behind the desk smiled back and waved him in. Even if this wasn’t Blair Sandburg, Methos was glad he had come.

"Hi," Methos said, looking around, "I’m looking for Blair Sandburg."

"Look no further," Blair said, standing. "What can I do for you?"

Bend over and we’ll discuss it Methos instantly thought, shifting his backpack from his shoulder to cover the erection that had started to make itself known.

Smiling knowingly, Blair held out his hand. Methos clasped the friendly hand, noting with great pleasure how strong Blair’s hand was and also the fact that he didn’t try and assert extra force while shaking hands, as some men did.

"Adam Pierson."

They released hands, and Blair motioned for him to sit.

"British?" Blair asked, his left eyebrow quirking cutely.

"Welsh, actually, but I’m a student of the world. I pick up accents like other people pick up souvenirs." Methos wondered why he was rambling.

"What brings you to Cascade?"

"You," Methos said, smiling. "Your article on how the urban development in Peru is affecting the indigenous tribes."

"Really?" Blair laughed.

"Yeah, I’m a grad student researching..."

Methos expounded on some indigenous tribes in Malaysia and India, regaling Blair with tales he thought he had long ago forgotten. Blair Sandburg might not be a new Immortal, but he had an old soul, twinkling blue eyes and luscious lips. Cascade was looking up.


Ending the worst day on record, Jim Ellison let the elevator carry him upstairs. All he wanted was a hot shower, a cold beer and maybe a blow job if Blair didn’t have other plans for the evening. They had slipped easily from just friendship into friendship with perks; they traded the occasional blowjob or fuck if they needed it. And tonight, Jim needed it.

Opening his front door, Jim felt like he’d stepped into a fantasy.

The coffee table had been pushed out of the way, and someone had haphazardly thrown a blanket over one of the couches and another on the floor, and Blair was kneeling in front of the couch, pounding into another man.

Feeling decidedly lightheaded, Jim slipped into the loft and softly shut the door behind him. He couldn’t take his eyes off Blair’s ass, mesmerized by his rhythmic movements; his cock took notice, too, straining in his confining pants.

Unconsciously, Jim’s hand went to his crotch, and he cupped his hand over the erection. Oh god, I’d pay for Blair to be fucking me like that.

And as if his comments had been spoken aloud, Blair’s head lifted and their eyes met. Slowing his thrusting, Blair tilted his head, eyebrow arching.

Jim couldn’t believe it; they had never done anything like this before. Hell, he had never done anything like this before. Yet now that the opportunity had presented itself, he found his mouth watering at the prospect.

"Adam?" Blair said softly, stopping his thrusts, but remaining inside the blissful tightness.

Jim watched Adam open his eyes, and saw the startled look on his face at seeing Jim standing there.

"Adam," Blair said again, rubbing his back reassuringly, "Jim wants to play with us. Is that okay?"

Looking over the man who had surprised him with his presence, Methos decided he definitely wanted Jim to join them.

"Yes, yes," Methos answered, and felt Blair ease out.

Jim watched as Blair slid out of Adam, carefully removed the condom and then discarded it on a nearby towel.

Looking back at Jim, Blair asked, "Upstairs?"

Unable to speak, Jim just nodded. He watched as Adam’s eyes met his, and they sized each other up. Jim’s eyes swerved downward and saw the impressive cock, still hard, jutting from Adam’s crotch. A twitch of Adam’s lip made Jim realize that he had been very blatant in his appraisal, and he felt his cock harden further, revising his earlier sentiment; he definitely wanted to be fucked with that huge cock.

Watching Blair take Adam’s hand and lead him upstairs, Jim sprang into action; he dropped his coat, keys and pants in one almost simultaneous action, stopping only to kick off his shoes. He pulled off his tee-shirt as he climbed the stairs, seeing Blair and Adam standing beside the bed.

Blair reached for Jim, arms twining around his waist, his lips and tongue finding a nipple. Jim watched Adam step closer, saw his hands caress Blair’s shoulders, moving the hair away from Blair’s neck, and then lowering his head. Jim felt Blair moan against his tight nipple before sliding across to its partner. Feeling unfamiliar hands on his waist, Jim opened his eyes and locked them on Adam’s as the hands caressed his ass.

Methos felt the muscles in Jim’s ass clench and continued his explorations. There was something about this man, something he couldn’t quite put his finger on, especially while his cock was rubbing against Blair’s bare ass. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of Jim’s boxers and slowly eased them down.

Blair felt the movement, felt Jim’s hardness against his. He felt Jim step out of his boxers, and he moved closer to the bed. Turning them, Blair eased Jim down onto the bed and practically fell on top, leaving Adam standing, watching them.

Instinctively, Adam opened the bedside table drawer and found condoms and lube; his mind swirled with possibilities as he squirted the lube onto his fingers and dropped to his knees.

Blair slid off Jim and looked at Adam, nodding his head. Jim watched as Blair moved closer to him, bringing his cock within easy reach of Jim’s mouth.

Adam watched as Jim eagerly engulfed Blair’s cock, and then set to work. He eased Jim’s legs up and pressed a finger to Jim’s tight hole. Jim’s cock jumped as Adam began stroking it in counterpoint to his finger strokes.

Blair closed his eyes, unable to watch his cock disappear into Jim’s mouth, his earlier actions with Adam driving him to the brink. Understanding Blair’s tense muscles, Jim thrust his hand toward Adam who squirted some lube on his fingers. Sliding his hand between Blair’s spread legs, Jim slowed his tongue and watched Blair’s face as he slid two fingers inside Blair’s sweet ass.

Legs trembling uncontrollably, Blair eased down on the two blessed invaders and then back up into Jim’s hot mouth. The bliss of the moment surrounded him, and Blair felt himself coming, clenching around Jim’s fingers, spurting his semen down Jim’s throat.

Watching their interaction, Methos again wondered at their relationship, but the look of need that crossed Jim’s face after Blair came was enough to erase any further thought. Seeing what they needed, Methos encouraged Blair’s sated body to straddle Jim’s again and then slid his lubed fingers into Blair’s heat, stretching him a bit more.

Jim’s cock was angry looking, seeking relief as Methos grabbed a condom and carefully rolled it down the long length. Sliding the sheathed cock against Blair’s hole, Methos watched as both Jim and Blair waited. With a hand on Blair’s hip, Methos guided Jim’s cock into Blair, hearing their contented sigh as they were joined.

Joined, oh my god! Methos realized what had been teasing him, but before he could think anymore, Blair’s hands were reaching behind him, grasping Methos’ hands.

"In Jim," Blair muttered, eyes closed in pleasure, leaving Methos to interpret.

Grabbing an unnecessary condom, Methos rolled it on and added a touch of lube. Spreading Jim’s legs, Methos saw Blair lean forward, giving him room. Slowly, Methos eased inside the exquisite tightness of Jim’s ass.

Jim was lost in an oblivion of delight, rocking back and forth between two perfect pleasures, taking and taken. His eyes met Blair’s, and together they rode the wave, a surreal aura surrounding them, sealing the three of them together. They rocked together, dancing to an ageless rhythm, their cries of pleasure the music.

The end was upon them all too quickly; Jim came first, his cock head throbbing against Blair’s prostate, pushing Blair over the edge again. Methos followed, hearing their cries, feeling Jim’s ass clench around his cock. He rested his head against Blair’s back, breathing hard, smelling the scent of their lovemaking.

He remembered his earlier epiphany and eased his still hard cock from Jim’s ass. Removing the condom, Methos tossed it into the nearby trashcan and stood up. Jim looked like he had passed out, but Blair was still coherent. He was pliant as Methos gently lifted him off Jim’s fading cock, and lay the Guide beside his Sentinel. Removing the condom, Methos tossed it and then looked back at the semen glistening on Jim’s cock. Giving in to the temptation, Methos lowered his head and cleaned Jim’s cock of all traces of his come.

Satisfied, Methos looked at Blair and saw that he, too, was asleep, and he smiled. Just as it should be.

Going downstairs, Methos gathered up his clothes and got dressed. After leaving Paraguay over a hundred years ago, he hadn’t given much thought to Sentinels and Guides, or even being Sir Richard Burton, but seeing Blair and Jim had brought back a ton of memories. He wasn’t sure Blair knew exactly what he had in Jim, but Methos would make sure to give him some puzzle pieces, and hopefully Blair would be smart enough to figure them out.

While Methos had come to Cascade in the search for a new Immortal, he had instead found something more valuable and precious: a Sentinel and his Guide.

Epilogue – A Month Later

The package arrived by special delivery to Blair’s office. He signed for the heavy package and then let it sit on the corner of his desk while he called Jim. It was suspicious, he hadn’t been expecting anything, and there wasn’t any sort of return address.

Jim practically flew into Blair’s office, all senses on alert for anything out of the ordinary. Blair pointed to the mysterious package and watched Jim scan it carefully. Finding nothing unusual, Jim grabbed a letter opener from Blair’s desk and slit the package open.

Reaching into the box full of biodegradable peanuts, Jim pulled out another box, this one the size of a large book, and handed it to Blair. Easing the lid off, Blair gasped in shock; it was The Sentinels of Paraguay. Removing the book from the box, Blair looked for a note, any kind of explanation, but none was forthcoming.

Blair sat down at his desk and flipped the book open; it was thicker than the one he had, older, too, it seemed. And as he skimmed, he realized exactly what he had in his possession, an original version of Burton’s book; his version was published after Burton’s death and had been revised by his wife.

"What is it, Chief?" Jim asked, looking over Blair’s shoulder.

"The answer to a lot of questions."

The End.

Please read Kel’s sequel, You and Me and Immortals Make Three, to see just what Duncan’s presence in Cascade means for Jim, Blair and Methos.

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Mary and Diana for beta’ing. More thanks to Diana for making her little suggestions, which made the story so much better. Thank you to Kel for writing the sequel, cause it needed one. And thanks to Patt for being a supportive pain in the ass!! ;)

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