Simon's Last Stand -- Lilith Faire

In retrospect, it probably wasn't the wisest thing to be mixing wine with the hard stuff, Simon mused as he walked with Jim and Blair up the stairs to the loft. They were all a little worse for the wear, and Jim had his hands full with an overly affectionate Guide. Blair seemed to be delighting in embarrassing his lover by grabbing his ass and other various assorted appendages. Judging from the hisses of "Sandburg, cut that out," Jim was less than thrilled. Actually, Simon would never admit this to any one, but he found it rather endearing and not a little hot. He sighed heavily as he followed the other two in the door. Jim turned and eyed Simon for a moment.

"Why don't you sit down, Simon? I'll make us some coffee. I know at least one of us could use it."

Simon smiled when Blair laughed and stuck out his tongue at Jim's retreating back. He couldn't resist teasing a little. "You know, Sandburg, if you keep sticking your tongue out, someone might just come along and bite it."

"Promises, promises, Simon!" Blair retorted.

Simon found himself without a single comeback to that. Forbidden thoughts began to crowd in his brain and work their way down to his groin. He turned away abruptly and took a seat on the couch, strategically placing a cushion where it would do the most good. No, it had definitely been a stupid idea to have those last three drinks. Simon leaned his head back on the couch and tried to think of something innocuous. When Jim handed him his coffee, he was very thankful for the interruption.

"So, Simon, how does it feel to be Cop of the Year?" Jim asked as he sat down on the seat beside him.

Simon took a sip of the steaming brew before replying. "Well, it would probably feel a hell of a lot better if I didn't have a tympani playing in my head right now!"

Blair laughed at that as he sprawled on the floor at their feet. "Simon, I told you not to have that last drink, but did you listen? Nooooo!"

"Excuse me, Sandburg, but who was the one that ordered that last round? I seem to recall it was you."

'Hey, I was just celebrating your award! I didn't force you to drink three of them in a row…."

It was the sparkle in Blair's eyes as he spoke, that got Simon to thinking. Those drinks had packed quite a punch and Simon never did find out what Blair had ordered. And he wasn't sure he really wanted to know now. But still…. Oh, what the hell.

"What exactly was I drinking? They certainly went down smooth enough…."

Simon was more than slightly disconcerted when Blair began laughing hysterically. He turned to Jim for help, only to find him joining in the laughter. It didn't appear that Sandburg would be answering him any time soon, so he waited patiently for Jim to stop laughing.

"Okay, I'm obviously not getting the joke, so why don't you tell me the name of the drink?"

Jim sobered up slightly to answer. "Promise you won't kill him when you find out? I'm kind of getting used to the little guy!"

"Hey!" Came the response from the floor. "I resemble that remark!"

Simon and Jim both laughed at that, as Blair grinned up at them, then flopped his head back down to the carpet.

"So wasted, man! Okay, I'll tell you. They are called Screaming Orgasms, but don't ask me what is in them – you don't want to know…." Then Blair was gone again, giggling madly. Simon couldn't help but join in, and then laughed even harder when Sandburg snagged Jim's arm and pulled him down to the carpet on top of him.

Jim just had time to go "Oof," before Blair started kissing him. And it wasn't just a little peck either. This was a full out frontal assault, and Blair appeared determined to take no prisoners. Simon watched spellbound, as Blair laid claim to Jim's lips. Jim really didn't stand a chance against that astonishing mouth, Simon decided. Blair sucked and nibbled, never giving Jim an opportunity to catch his breath. And just when Simon thought Jim might pull away, Blair did something that caused Jim to gasp, and suddenly the kiss took on epic proportions.

Damn, those two were hot together. Simon froze as he realized he might have said that out loud. He heaved a huge sigh of relief when it appeared that he hadn't. It was one thing to admit to himself that he was getting off on watching his two friends kiss and fondle; it was quite another thing entirely to admit it to Jim and Blair. Simon settled back in the couch and surreptitiously adjusted himself. It didn't look like they were going to be coming up for air any time soon.

Simon watched in spellbound fascination as Blair continued to lay waste to Jim's mouth. It was like seeing a starving man at a banquet, he decided. Simon's lips were tingling as he began to imagine Blair kissing him like that. He shook his head in a futile attempt to clear it. Those thoughts were always a bad idea. But Simon was unable to banish them entirely. And then Blair latched onto Jim's neck and Simon groaned involuntarily at the look on Jim's face. Jim's eyes flew open and connected with Simon, who couldn't have looked away if his life depended on it.

Simon swallowed convulsively. He knew he was panting and concentrated on trying to get himself back under control, hoping against hope to will his erection away. Jim took a deep breath and his nostrils flared. Damn – this wasn't good. It was time to beat a strategic retreat, but he was stopped by the sound of Jim's voice.

"Thinking of going somewhere, Simon?" Jim's tone sent a shiver down Simon's spine. He gazed helplessly at Jim, aware that Blair was staring at him as well. "I can smell you, you know, Simon. This turns you on, doesn't it?"

Simon looked down at the two men on the floor and came to the realization that he was in over his head. It was definitely time to go home. Still unable to speak, Simon gathered himself to stand, but was stayed by Blair's hand on his ankle. The heat of it burned right through to his skin, and Simon sat back heavily on the couch, closing his eyes in defeat. He could hear Jim whispering something to Blair, but didn't bother to try to overhear. He was too busy trying to figure out what excuses he could make. Temporary insanity sounded like the best of a bad lot.

When he felt the couch cushions depress under the weight of his friends sitting on either side of him, Simon opened his mouth to start talking. His eyes flew open in surprise when a finger pressed against his lips to keep him from doing so. It was Blair's finger, and Simon turned his gaze to the smaller man, questioning him with his eyes. It took all his willpower not to take the digit into his mouth to taste, and Simon knew that if he didn't remove that hand soon he would be in even bigger trouble.

He reached up to move Blair's finger, only to find his wrist encircled in a surprisingly strong grip. It had to be the shock that kept Simon from breaking the grasp. That could be the only explanation for why he let Blair guide his hand over to the other man's lips without any resistance what so ever. And just as Blair opened his lips and sucked Simon's index finger into his mouth, Simon felt Jim's lips at his ear.

Simon groaned, caught between the two of them, mesmerized at the sensation of Blair's mouth and almost unable to concentrate on what Jim was saying. The words were coming from a great distance but the litany never changed and Simon realized that Jim was reassuring him.

"It's all right, Simon. It's all right to want this."

Jesus, his head was spinning; Blair was doing something with his tongue that had to be illegal in at least fifteen states and Jim had stopped talking and was now concentrating on driving him crazy by nibbling on the nape of his neck. This had to be some sort of surreal alcohol induced dream.

Blair released Simon's finger with a pop. "No, Simon. It's not a dream. But it can be your fantasy if you want."

Simon started. He hadn't realized he'd spoken aloud. Then Jim whispered in his ear.

"That's right, Simon. We can give you this if you want."

Simon started shaking. It was too much and at the same time, not enough. He gazed down at Blair and then turned his head to look at Jim. Both were wearing identical expressions, but Simon felt so far out of his depth that he couldn't begin to read them. His bewilderment must have shown in his face, because Jim smiled gently and then spoke.

"I think sometimes you forget that I'm a Sentinel, Simon. I could tell you exactly how you react when Blair or I walk into your office. It's okay, Simon. We've known for a long time here."

Jim touched his lips to Simon's, and Simon was lost. He opened his mouth willingly, letting Jim take possession. Jim kissed as he did everything else, with single-minded purpose. He was exploring every inch of Simon's mouth with his tongue, coaxing Simon's tongue into dueling with his own. And then Jim's lips reluctantly left his, and Simon's head was turned toward Blair.

Simon held his breath as Blair leaned into him and he steeled himself against the anticipated onslaught. Simon closed his eyes as Blair grew closer, but opened them again quickly when Blair gave him a tiny peck on the cheek and pulled away.

Simon burst out laughing at the sight of Blair's eyes dancing with merriment and suddenly it really was all right. He heard Blair sigh "Finally," and Blair was on him, kissing him hard. Simon moaned into Blair's mouth and reached up to weave his fingers through Blair's hair. Blair's lips were so hot it was like kissing a blazing inferno, and Simon opened his mouth wider, more than willing to be burned. Blair took full advantage, plundering with his tongue and ravaging without mercy. Simon grew dizzy from lack of air and he tore himself away from that magical mouth to gasp a much-needed breath.

Blair didn't appear to be deterred and instead started work his way down Simon's chest. He wondered vaguely how his shirt had disappeared without him even realizing it, but left that thought behind when Blair began to lap at a nipple. The shock of it had Simon pulling away, only to be brought up short by the immovable wall of Jim's chest. Blair just followed Simon's motion and continued to suck and lick with a single-minded purpose. When Jim started to nibble again, Simon had the half-hysterical notion that he really was caught between a rock and a hard place. And then Blair's hands were at Simon's belt.

"Oh, Jesus," Simon breathed as Blair started undoing the zipper to Simon's pants. This was really going to happen. Simon began to hyperventilate, unable to quell the sudden rise in panic. He was aware of Jim raising his head and Blair stopped what he was doing. Simon felt strangely bereft, especially when Blair rose to his feet and stood looking down at him.

"Are we pushing you, Simon?" Blair asked softly. "Tell us to back off and we will."

Simon shook his head, unable to form the words around the lump in his throat. He felt so undeserving of this gift, yet unwilling to just throw away what was being offered. These two were the perfect pair – what on earth did they want with an aging cop? His confusion must have shown in his face, because Blair was shaking his head sadly.

"You just don't get it, do you, Simon? We want you, too. And we knew that you would never make the first move."

Simon realized that he was still leaning against Jim's chest when Jim shifted, and hurried to sit upright. He didn't know what to say. Even now, it was somehow beyond his comprehension that they would feel the same way about him. He was just deciding that it would be better to cut his losses, when Jim's voice stopped him.

"Simon, you are our friend. This can be as much or as little as you like. No strings if you want. But you should know this – we love you and want you here."

It was as though those were the words Simon's heart needed to hear. With a sigh, Simon settled back into the couch and was finally able to speak.

"I want to be here. And I love you both. I'm not just not sure where this will lead."

Jim smiled and then stood. "Simon, I have an idea of where you would like this to start. Watching Blair and I does it for you, don't bother to deny it. So, why don't you get comfortable and enjoy the show?"

Simon's cock surged back to life at that suggestion and Simon was in no mood to argue with it. Especially since Blair was doing a strip tease in front of the two of them. Simon watched as Blair undulated his hips to some unheard music and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. And then he noticed that Jim was mirroring Blair's action. It was like watching an erotic ballet being performed just for him. There was no getting around it…. Simon unzipped his pants rather than risk permanent damage.

Both shirts were thrown in Simon's direction, and he caught them with a surprisingly deft hand. His laughter caught in his throat though, when Blair turned his back to Simon and pulled down his pants. Damn, the man had gone commando. Simon moaned as he was faced with Blair's ass. It really was the ass that dreams were made of, he decided. And God help him, but he wanted it.

Jim smiled knowingly at Simon. "Well, now I know where you'd like this to continue."

Simon flashed a quick glance at Jim. How did he do that? It was more than a little disconcerting, to say the least.

Jim spoke again. "It's okay, Simon. I always want his ass. Why shouldn't you?"

Blair looked over his shoulder at Simon. "It's my best feature, so I'm told."

Then he bent over to finish pulling off his pants. Simon grew faint as what was left of his blood supply headed south. It took every bit of self-control that he had not to grab Blair and sit him on his lap. Only the sight of Jim removing the rest of his clothing stopped him. It really was an embarrassment of riches. Simon didn't know at which of them he should be staring. The two men took the decision out of his hands when they came together for a kiss that heated up the entire room.

Jim took the upper hand and Blair appeared to give it up willingly. He was guided back down to the carpet and Jim lifted Blair's arms over his head. Blair left them there and then turned his head to look at Simon. The expression in Blair's eyes did something to Simon's insides and Simon shivered in reaction. When Blair licked his lips, Simon knew that he was fast coming to the end of his rope. And then Blair closed his eyes, arched his back, and moaned.

Simon tore his gaze from Blair's face and glanced at Jim. Jim was worrying one of Blair's nipples, tugging on the nipple ring, making Blair cry out in unison with the movement. He stared in rapt amazement as Jim worked his way slowly down Blair's chest, stopping briefly to flick at his navel and then continue on. Blair's cock was leaking profusely and Simon's mouth watered as Jim licked at the head and then sucked it into his mouth.

Blair gave a small scream and thrashed his head, shaking, as Jim continued to work his cock down his throat. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen and before he realized it, Simon had taken off his pants and was kneeling over Blair's head. Blair opened his eyes and smiled.

"Do you want my mouth, Simon? It's yours…."

Simon needed no further encouragement. He leaned forward and brushed his cock against those luscious lips. Blair's tongue peeked out to flirt with him for a moment, and then Simon was inside the hottest place he had ever been. It took all his strength not to come the minute Blair began to suck. Simon looked down Blair's body to where Jim was and surged forward involuntarily when he saw what Jim was doing. Jim had Blair's ass in the air and was slowly flicking his tongue around Blair's opening. Simon felt Blair's groan vibrating around his cock and pulled out of Blair's mouth, afraid that he would go off like a rocket. He watched as Jim continued to lick and suck at Blair's ass, teasing his hole with his tongue. Blair lifted his legs and Simon leaned forward and grabbed them, pulling back to expose Blair further. Jim began to fuck Blair in earnest with his tongue, stopping occasionally to nibble at the tender skin surrounding Blair's opening.

Simon couldn't resist, and bent down to taste Blair's cock. Blair wailed and thrust up hard, almost choking Simon. The flavour of Blair's precome was heady and Simon sucked, wanting more. A hand on his shoulder gave him pause, and he stopped. He looked up to see Jim holding up lube and a condom.

"Do you want him, Simon? And this time, you have to answer. Because he is ready for you."

Simon groaned. "Oh, god, yes…"

Jim grinned and handed the items to Simon. "He's all yours, Simon."

Simon stood on unsteady feet and went to trade places with Jim. Jim stopped him.

"Not so fast. There's a small matter of my payment."

"And what would that be?" Simon gave a small chuckle.

Jim leaned in close to Simon's ear and whispered, "I get to fuck you…."

Simon's knees buckled and he moaned as Jim held him upright. "You want that, don't you? You want to be between us both, fucking and being fucked. I know…."

Simon's chest heaved as he struggled to catch his breath. Jim slowly lowered him to the floor.

"Get him ready, Simon."

Simon somehow got his shaking fingers to cooperate and managed to open the lube. He placed a lubricated finger at Blair's opening and slowly pushed his way in. Blair accepted it easily and Simon returned with two fingers, moving them in and out slowly, scissoring them to stretch Blair's center. When he scraped his nail against Blair's prostate, Blair opened his lips and gasped. Jim was right there at Blair's mouth, thrusting his cock in. Blair murmured something incomprehensible and then bore down on Simon's fingers. Simon's erection throbbed and he pulled his fingers out, eager to replace them with his cock.

He tore open the condom and smoothed it on quickly, added more lube and then pulled Blair's ass onto his thighs, nudging at Blair's opening with his erection. He slid in easily and began moving, Blair meeting him with thrusts of his own. Blair was so tight and hot; he knew he wouldn't last long. He felt a presence at his back and realized with a start, that Jim was now behind him. Then he felt a coolness at his own opening. It was almost too much. Simon stopped moving, brought his hand down, and gripped at the base of his cock to keep from coming as a slick finger worked its way inside. Soon, there were two and Simon started trembling from the effort of staying still. It seemed an eternity before Jim pulled out, and Simon bent over Blair, giving Jim greater access, trying to say without words what he wanted.

Jim appeared to get the message, because the next thing Simon felt was the head of Jim's cock. Simon took a deep breath as it breached his opening, willing himself to relax. Jim thrust in and out shallowly, giving Simon time to adjust. Simon began to move again, and removed his hand to grasp Blair's cock. It only took a moment for the three of them to establish a rhythm, and soon they were moving in wild abandon, Simon impaled between the two of them.

Jim licked at Simon's neck again and then bit down gently. Simon moaned and shuddered, tightening his grip and jerking Blair's cock in time to his own thrusts. Blair arched his back and screamed as Simon continued to ride him hard. Then Blair's ass spasmed and he was coming, and Simon had no choice but to follow. With one last thrust, Simon roared and came, never wanting it to end, feeling Jim's cock against his prostate with every lunge. But it finally was too much, and Simon collapsed on top of Blair, not fighting the darkness that carried him away.

Simon came back to life when he felt a ghost of a kiss across his lips. He opened his eyes to see Blair leaning over him. Simon smiled and reached up to pull Blair down for a proper kiss, only to find his head being turned and his lips being taken over by Jim. And then he was turned back to Blair. The two of them traded kisses with Simon until he grew dizzy from lack of oxygen. It was heaven.

Jim stood and pulled Blair up and then Simon. The three of them embraced, holding each other tightly, unwilling to let go. And when Jim said, "Come to bed where you belong, Simon," Simon's life was complete.

The End

Acknowledgments: To my MME sibs - you are the best and I wouldn't be here if not for you! Thank you for your patience and friendship. This story is dedicated to my two darling angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my muses, my betas, and most of all, my dear friends. You are truly the best of the best.

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