You and Me and Immortals Make Three -- Kel

The sun had barely started rising when Duncan rolled over, hoping to get a little morning action, but his hand only met cold and empty sheets. It wasn't the first time, and it wouldn't be the last.

He tried to go back to sleep, but his mind refused to let go. Eventually, he gave up and climbed out of bed. Scratching his belly, Duncan spotted a note on his bedside table.

Back in a few days. M.

Duncan smiled and turned the paper over, seeing a phone number. Picking up the phone, Duncan dialed.

"Cascade Inn and Suites, how can I help you?"

"Um, yes, has Adam Pierson checked in yet?"

A pause while Duncan heard the clicking of nails on a keyboard.

"Not yet, but he's due in today. Do you want to leave a message?"

"No, thank you."

Duncan hung up the phone and decided a little road trip was in order. Cascade was only a two hour drive; he was going to find Methos and get that morning satisfaction, one way or another.

~ * ~ * ~

The drive to Cascade was beautiful, and Duncan cranked the top down on the Thunderbird as he drove. Not that he'd admit such a hedonistic feeling to Methos, but the wind flying through his hair made him hard as rock and he loved it. Methos had even talked him into getting a portable CD player for the car, and he was driving down the interstate at seventy miles an hour, Methos' last Queen CD in the CD player. A custom burned CD of "Immortal Tunes," the voice of Freddie Mercury screamed at him as he tore down the highway.

Here we are; born to be kings

We're the Princes of the Universe

Here we belong, fighting to survive

In a world with the darkest powers

His fingers thrummed on the steering wheel as he cruised down the road, easily whipping the land tank over and negotiating the Cascade exit.

~ * ~ * ~

Blair looked across the kitchen at Jim, totally unsure of what to say. They were cooking breakfast together, something that they'd done a thousand times before, and yet, it was totally different because of what they'd just shared--thanks to Adam.

"Um, Jim?"

"Yeah, Chief?" Jim's voice answered lazily, with a note of sated contentment that Blair had never heard from his friend before.

"Can you pass me the olive oil?" he stalled. That wasn't what he wanted to say to Jim. The problem was, what he wanted to say probably would get him decked. Jim, it was great when you were fucking me and I really would like for it to happen again, on a regular basis instead of being just fuckbuddies. I love you, man, can we make this happen?

"No problem," Jim replied again, sliding the bottle down the counter. Their fingers touched, and Jim made sure to rub his thumb along Blair's index finger, encouraging the touch.

Blair looked up at Jim, the oil bottle forgotten as Jim's mouth descended to kiss him.

~ * ~ * ~

"I'm sorry, sir, we're not allowed to let visitors into our customers' rooms without their prior knowledge," the woman said mournfully as she looked into Duncan's deep brown eyes. "It's against Cascade Inn and Suites policy."

He turned up the wattage slightly on his smile as he lifted the case of imported beer. "I just want to surprise him with my company and a few drinks--he doesn't know I'm in the area and I'd like to keep it that way."

The female concierge finally melted under the MacLeod charm. "All right, just please don't tell anyone, I could get in serious trouble with the manager." She consulted the computer to find Adam Pierson's room, picked up a ring of master keys, and led Duncan up to the third floor. Once they were standing in front of the door to Adam's room, the woman unlocked the door and smiled timidly at Duncan. Duncan smiled broadly in return and then kissed her, quickly but deeply, then slipped into Methos' room and locked the door behind him.

~ * ~ * ~

Methos was humming as he got out of the shower, toweling his short hair dry and then wrapping his towel around his waist. Damn, what I wouldn't give for a good beer right about now. He stopped short as he felt an Immortal buzz at the back of his neck and picked up his Ivanhoe from its post by the toilet and held it at the ready. Swordfighting in the nude, what a new trend I'll be responsible for. As he entered the bedroom, he couldn't believe what he'd was seeing. "MacLeod!"

Duncan MacLeod was kicked back on the double bed, naked from the waist up and barefoot, drinking from a beer bottle as he flipped through the local cable service. "Good morning to you too."

"What are you doing here?" Methos demanded, dropping his sword handily by the bed and rolling in beside his lover. "Gimme a beer." Duncan passed a bottle over, still cool from the beer cave where he'd bought it from. When he saw that Duncan hadn't spoken, other than the greeting, he sighed. "I can explain everything."

"Uh huh." Duncan clicked off the television and turned his full attention to Methos.

"Honestly, MacLeod."


"It's all your bloody fault anyway!"

"My fault?" The outrage was plain in Duncan's voice.

"Yes, your fault! You going on and on about how I should find a student to teach and all that and so… I tried to find one! Only he wasn't one. This is all your fault, Highlander."

"And I made you leave the bed and come all the way to Cascade and miss my morning wakeup, how?" Duncan rolled until he was towering over Methos.

Methos arched up and rubbed his towel-wrapped lower half against Duncan's, totally ignoring the Highlander's question. "About that morning wakeup…"

~ * ~ * ~

The kiss between Jim and Blair had ended sweetly, and Blair had been shaken as Jim tugged him towards the couch, his mouth trailing along Blair's throat and down his shoulder. "Jim, I think--"

"So don't," Jim said, laying his finger on Blair's lips. He just wanted to know if Blair wanted the same thing he did. "Yes or no, Blair, do you want this?" he asked, sliding his hand down his Guide's furred chest.

"Oh yes, Jim, I want this, I want you," Blair breathed, before Jim devoured his mouth in another kiss.

~ * ~ * ~

Duncan grinned down lazily at his lover. "Address."

"1600 Pennsylvania Ave."

"Address of your potential student," he clarified.

"Why should I tell you?" A sharp pop to Methos' ass changed his tune quickly. "852 Prospect Place, #307," Methos reeled off quickly. "Blair Sandburg."

Duncan rolled off of Methos and got dressed. "I'll be back in a little while."

"They're very friendly! Tell them Adam sent you!" Methos called out after MacLeod.

~ * ~ * ~

After stopping at the nearest convenience store and procuring a city map, Duncan followed the winding streets to Prospect Place, and soon parked in front of the building that had 852 stenciled on the side. Going up to the building, he climbed three flights of stairs and walked down the hall until he came to the door with marked with 307. Shrugging his shoulders and running his hand through his hair, he took off his sunglasses and hung them in the neck of his shirt before knocking.

Jim growled softly as he stalked over to the door and jerked it open. "What?"

"I'm looking for Blair Sandburg."

"Blair!" Jim bellowed. Then his nostrils flared as he scented Duncan. The smell of Adam was all over him, seeped from every pore of him. "This guy's a friend of Adam's!" He looked back at Duncan. "I'm Jim Ellison."

"Duncan MacLeod."

"Of Adam's?" Blair said curiously as he straightened himself out as he moved towards the door. "Come on in, I didn't know Adam had friends in town."

As soon as he saw both men, Duncan was immediately jealous. I bet there's a lot you don’t know about Adam Pierson, he thought to himself. Stop the jealousy, MacLeod, you know Methos loves you. "I just blew through on business." And just how the hell did he know I'm a friend of Methos? Jim ushered him in, and he twitched slightly when he felt Jim's hand fall to the small of his back. At the touch, an electric jolt passed through him. He said they were friendly. "Adam talked so highly of you, he suggested that I come and meet you while he was researching and maybe we can get together later?" The briefest thought of an all-out orgy jumped through his brain but he rapidly discarded it.

"Yeah, I think that'd be great," Blair said, his delicate hand gripping Duncan's wrist as they pulled him into the living room.

Duncan quickly found himself sandwiched between Jim and Blair on the couch. Jim's eyes had changed from when he first flung the door open, and in them Duncan could see a predatory light as he sat between the two men. Blair and Jim seemed to be communicating without words, and then he heard Jim breathe deeply from him, and he was about to question it when his mouth was suddenly covered with a hot wet kiss. Shocked, Duncan found himself returning it as Blair rubbed his chest and legs.

Jim's tongue was stroking hard against Duncan's, devouring all taste of Adam that was left on him. Duncan moaned softly and raised himself up as he felt Blair tugging the waist of his jeans. The young man slid them off quickly, reaching in and pressing down easily on the hard shaft of flesh that threatened to get caught in the denim as he pulled it down.

Oh yeah, this is friendly, Duncan thought crazily as Jim's mouth moved to almost the exact same spot that Methos had marked on him earlier. And this also is not right! Duncan fought to bring himself into a sitting position, disregarding of his nakedness. Okay when the hell did I lose my shirt and control of this bloody situation? "Guys. Jim. Blair? What's going on here?" Jim licked his lips and looked at Blair, who was fighting an amused grin. "Okay, that was obviously a stupid question." He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes. "What's going on with the two of you?"

"Well, we were kinda trying to figure that out when you knocked on the door," Blair said, grinning. "Since Adam was nice enough to help us figure it out the first time, we were kinda thinking that you might help us out again?"

Uh huh. "And just what, exactly, did Adam do for you?" Blair just raised an eyebrow. "Ah."

"Oh, shit," Jim said suddenly. "You and Adam have it, don't you?"

"If it is a relationship, yes," Duncan said.

"That's why you smell like him, oh shit."

Duncan had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. He was going to have to say something soon, though, Jim and Blair were looking at him like he was losing his mind. "It's all right. Really. I just figured it out." And I am going to kick Methos' ass for this when I get him home! The least he could have done was warn me I was going to be playing bloody matchmaker, finishing what he started!

"So, we haven't like, wrecked anything?" Blair asked fearfully.

Duncan leaned forward and kissed Blair slowly. "No. You haven't." Duncan stood up from the couch and moved to the overstuffed chair across from them. He sized the two of them up quickly, and gambled. "Go ahead, Blair. Kiss him. Touch him." His eyes met Jim's as he talked, and the Sentinel nodded to his Guide. Blair was on him in a heartbeat, touching and kissing, his hands stroking Jim's cock as it grew in his hands. But Blair's touch was still hesitant, as if he were unsure of himself. "No, like this," Duncan chided softly, moving Blair out of the way and straddling Jim's legs on the couch. Firmly, deliberately, Duncan skimmed his hands over Jim's hard body, pinching his nipples, licking his collarbone, hips undulating gently and rubbing their hard cocks together. "Show him you're not afraid of him, Blair, show him that you know what you want and you're not afraid to take it. It's all about sharing, sharing the pleasure, learning what makes you both feel good." That's right, MacLeod, give a bloody sex education lecture here why don't you! Duncan took Blair's hands in his and repeated the movements, watching as the young man's confidence in touching Jim quickly grew, and Duncan removed his hands and looked down at Jim. "You too, Jim, you can touch him." Duncan took Jim's hands in his own, putting them at the small of Blair's back, urging them to stroke and cup the swell of Blair's ass. Duncan watched amazed as Jim and Blair discovered that they had magic together, without him or Adam involved. And damned if I don't feel proud of them for it! Duncan crowed to himself. He was especially fascinated to watch as Blair spread Jim's legs and instead of going for his cock, Blair's tongue slipped right into the tight hole of Jim's ass and licked hard and fast. Jim's hand was wrapped around his cock, jerking in rhythm with Blair's tongue thrusting inside him.

In a swift move, Duncan moved to envelop Jim's cock in his mouth, sucking hard and causing Jim to cry out. Blair looked up in surprise, and grinned when he saw that Duncan had finally joined them. Jim grabbed the Scotsman by the hips and urged him to move, and finally Duncan got the message. He positioned himself over Jim's mouth and the hungry Sentinel immediately sucked Duncan's cock into his mouth. He found himself losing all train of coherent thought as Jim sucked him down hard, and he braced himself on the side of the couch, trying not to lose his balance as his muscles all but liquefied. His heart pounded in his ears as Jim's mouth worked him, and then Blair stopped his rimming and looked around, his eyes searching and whirring until finally he retreated to what Duncan assumed was his bedroom and came back with lube. He felt a ghost of laughter against his cock as Blair mumbled something about hiding it in the couch cushions next time, and then didn't think at all as he watched Blair's slick fingers sliding into Jim, and gently rode the bucking hips as Blair teased his big lover.

He moved off Jim as Blair moved his cock into position, sliding a condom over his cock as he pressed against Jim's stretched opening. Slowly, Blair entrenched himself in Jim's tightness, and Duncan greased his palm, stroking and pumping his cock as he watched Blair fucking--no, this is making love, this is how Methos touches me--making love to his friend. He studied Blair, the way that Blair's teeth sunk into his lower lip as he thrust forward into the tightness of his lover's sheath, the way his eyes closed to feel the experience as much as he could. Then, still slowly stroking, he changed his study to Jim, and he almost came at the look of pure pleasure and happiness that softened Jim's angular features. He squeezed his cock hard, pushing the orgasm back down as his eyes slid over Jim's arched throat, his closed eyes and open mouth, panting lightly as his hands reached for Blair and drew him close.

"I love you, Blair," Jim whispered, and Duncan's eyes flew to Blair.

Blair's eyes were huge and blue, focused on Jim's as they silvered over with happy tears, one of which slid down Blair's cheek and dripped onto Jim's throat. "I love you too, Jim," he said, rocking slowly into his lover's body.

The extreme emotion of the moment was too much for Duncan, remembering the first time that Methos had made love to him and whispered those words to him, and he came hard, shuddering in the overstuffed chair as his cock spurted. He leaned back and watched as Blair kissed Jim, tongues dancing over each other as Jim came first, and then the clenching and shuddering of Jim's sheath around Blair brought the young man close behind him. Well aware that this was a moment that Jim and Blair should not be sharing, Duncan wandered into the kitchen and turned the water on, running it hot and going through drawers until he found the clean dishtowels. Dampening the towel under the hot water, Duncan cleaned himself off, and then carried a second towel into the living room. Jim was cuddling Blair on his shoulder, and took the towel from Duncan with a grateful smile. When he was done, Duncan threw both wet towels into the sink and moved to get dressed.

Blair's hand caught at Duncan's arm. "Thank you," he said, his eyes conveying much more. "I don't know if I'd have had the courage."

Duncan squeezed Blair's hand tightly. "You would have," he said quietly. "You would have found the courage somewhere. Never let your love escape you." And then he paused. So that's why I came after him. "I'm glad I could help."

"Come back for dinner," Blair implored. "Bring Adam with you. We… owe you both so much."

"All right, I'll relay the message," he said softly. "What time?"


"We'll be here, unless Adam's been called back." Duncan finished getting dressed and kissed both Jim and Blair before leaving. "See you tonight."

After Duncan left, Jim and Blair tangled together on the couch. The connection had finally been forged.

The End

Acknowledgments: To LDT for letting me hitch a ride onto her idea, and for even interesting me in Highlander in the first place. To Patt for the beautiful cover art using my favorite DM pic and finally for Angelise, bless you my child for your patience.

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